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Adi ennadi rakkamma tamil song free download

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Pattikada Pattanama transl. Village or Town? Madhavan and written by Bala Murugan. The film stars Sivaji Ganesan and Jayalalithaa. The film deals with Kalpana, an urban woman who marries a villager Mookaiyan. After marriage, differences of opinion arise between the couple as Mookaiyan raises objections about city culture, leading to their separation. The rest of the film shows whether Kalpana reforms and the couple are united or not. Pattikada Pattanama was released on 6 May The film was commercially successful, running for over days in theatres, thereby becoming a silver jubilee film.

Mookkaiyan belongs to a well-to-do family and lives in the village Sozhavandan. He is held in high esteem by the villagers for his prowess. One day, his uncle Chockalingam, Chockalingam's wife Bama and their foreign-educated daughter Kalpana come to Sozhavandan to participate in the Mariamman festival. Kalpana is fascinated by Mookaiyan's prowess; her mother disapproves of Kalpana's emotional reaction while her father is happy. Bama settles a young man of Madurai to marry Kalpana.

Moved by the pleas of Chockalingam, Mookaiyan goes to the bridegroom's house and brings back Kalpana, saying that he has the right by birth to marry her.

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Married life starts well for Mookaiyan and Kalpana, but before long differences arise because of their different backgrounds. At Kalpana's birthday party, Mookaiyan objects to drinking and dancing by her hippie friends. He beats Kalpana, and she leaves him to join her mother. A lawyer's notice for divorce is received. Mookaiyan futilely tries to make Bama understand the situation.

The mother and daughter are adamant and Mookaiyan returns home determined to teach them a lesson. Kalpana, having been impregnated by Mookaiyan some time earlier, gives birth to a child. In her anxiety to save Kalpana from further involvements, Bama leaves the child in an orphanage.

Kalpana is shocked by this act of her mother. By the time she goes to recover the child, Mookaiyan has already taken it away.

Adi ennadi rakkamma tamil song free download

Kalpana beseeches her father to get the child from Mookaiyan. Unexpectedly, Mookaiyan comes there to deliver an invitation card for his marriage with his cousin Rakkamma. Kalpana and her parents are now repentant. Kalpana goes alone to Mookaiyan's house and asks her husband to leap over their child and then tie the thali to another girl.Mannurunda song Lyrics from Tamil movie.

Lyrics Written by K Ekadesi. Mannurunda song by Senthil Ganesh Quit Pannuda song Lyrics from Tamil movie. Lyrics Written by Vignesh Shivan. Quit Pannuda song by Anirudh Andha Kanna Paathaakaa song Lyrics from Tamil movie. Andha Kanna Paathaakaa song by Yuvan Shankar Vaathi Coming song Lyrics from Tamil movie.

Lyrics Written by Gana. Vaathi Coming song by Anirudh Oru Kutti Katha song Lyrics from Tamil movie. Lyrics Written by Logi. Oru Kutti Katha song by Anirudh, Vijay Lyrics Written by Thamarai.

Visiri song by Sid Sriram, Naan Pizhaippeno song by Sathyaprakash Maruvaarthai Pesadhe song by Sid Sriram Chill Bro song Lyrics from Tamil movie. Lyrics Written by Mervin. Chill Bro song by Dhanush Hero Title song Lyrics from Tamil movie. Lyrics Written by P A Vijay. Hero Title song by Yuvan Shankar Yaen Ennai Pirindhaai song Lyrics from Tamil movie. Lyrics Written by Radhan. Yaen Ennai Pirindhaai song by Sid Sriram Nenjukulle song Lyrics from Tamil movie. Lyrics Written by Mohan Rajan. Nenjukulle song by Shweta MohanSingers : S.

BalasubrahmaniyamRafee and O. Music by : A. Male : Ennai kaanavillaiyae netrodu Engum thedi paarkiren kaatrodu Uyir odi ponadho unnodu anbae -ae …. Male : Naan nizhalilaadhavan theriyadhaa En nizhalum neeyena puriyadhaa Udal nizhalai cheravae mudiyadhaa Anbae anbae-ae.

Male : Aagaram illaamal naan vaazha koodum Anbae un perai sinthithaal Thee kuchi illaamal thee moota koodum Kannae nam kangal sandhithaal. Male : Naan endru sonnalae naan alla needhaan Nee indri vaazhndhaalae neerkooda theedhaan Un swaasa kaatril vaazhven naan. Male : Nimisangal ovvondrum varusangal aagum Nee ennai neengi sendralae Varusangal ovvondrum nimisangal aagum Nee endhan pakkam nindralae. Male : Meiyaga nee ennai virumbadha podhum Poi ondru sol kannae en jeevan vaazhum Nijam undhan kaadhal endraal aaa aaa ….

Home Movies Music Directors List. Lyrics Albums Artists. Vaali Ennai Kaanavillaiye Song Lyrics. Arun Music by : A. Other Songs from Kadhal Desam Album. Hello Doctor Song Lyrics. Kalloori Salai Song Lyrics. Mustafa Mustafa Song Lyrics. O Vennila Song Lyrics. Thendrale Song Lyrics. Added by Shanthi. Home Movies Partners.All Rights Reserved. Adi Rakkamma Rakku lyrics. Movie: Siruthai. Music Director: Vidyasagar. Singer: SuchitraRanjith. Rating: 6. Other Adi Rakkamma Rakku Songs. Adi Rakkamma Rakku Song lyrics in English M: Raakkamma raakku raakku nenjikkulla raakkettu thaakkamma thaakku thaakku aattathula Wickettu Raakkamma F: Ennaiyaa sollavara eppavum thollai thara illaadha en iduppil enga neeyum killa vara G: Pappaam pappaam paam paam pappara pappara paam paam Pappaam pappaam paam paam pappara pappara paam paam Pappaam pappaam paam paam pappara pappara paam paam Raakkamma F: Chi chi chinungamaatten enga venaa killu e e yengammaatten enna venaa sollu M: One Two threennu solli kanna moodi nillu un un odhatta vandhu moadhum muththa villu F: Nee azhagiya Roasu Keso varainja peesu en udhattula un udhattaiyum otti neeppesu Raakkamma M: Roun roun roundadichi unna nenji suththum soun soun soundu yeththi kaadhal seiya suththum O F: Myin myin myindukkulla ellaam kaadhil dhimsu byin byin byindagathaan maaththikkidum ringsu M: Hanimoon poagathaan munney vandhu ketkudhu konjam thaan naan ketten kooraiya pichchi kottudhu Raakkamma.

Other Songs From Siruthai Movie 1. Naan Romba Romba lyrics. Singers: Ranjith. Thalattu lyrics. Singers: Srivarthini. Azhagha Poranthuputa lyrics. Singers: Malathi Lakshman. Chellam Vada Chellam lyrics. Singers: SurmukhiUdit Narayan. Latest Movie lyrics. Top 10 Songs Of The Week. Click here for Top 50 Tamil Songs. You may also be interested in.

Adi Rakkamma Rakku Fans Reviews 1.

Adi ennadi rakkamma tamil song free download

I like to hear this song ,I like this song very much jaishreechennai on Location optional. Submit Comment. Adi Rakkamma Rakku Mp3 is not available in the site and we request you to buy the original audio cd from Tamil Music Online Stores like. Toggle navigation. Box Office. Latest Movies. Upcoming Movies. Show Time.Singer : T.

Ennai Kaanavillaiye Song Lyrics

Music by : M. Male : Adi raakku en mookku En kannu en pallu En raajaayi…. Male : Adi ennadi raakkammaa Pallaakku nelippu En nenju kulungudhadi Siru kannaadi mookkuthi maanikka sevappu Machaana izhukkudhadi. Male : Adi ennadi raakku… Adi ennadi raakkammaa Pallaakku nelippu En nenju kulungudhadi Siru kannaadi mookkuthi maanikka sevappu Machaana izhukkudhadi.

Male : Anjaaru roobaaikku mani maala Un kazhuthukku poruthamadi Anjaaru roobaaikku mani maala Un kazhuthukku poruthamadi Ammooru meenaatchi paathaalum Ava kannukku varuthamadi Ahaa ammooru meenaatchi paathaalum Ava kannukku varuthamadi. Male : Chinnaala pattiyilae kandaangi eduthu En kaiyaalae katti vidavaa En atha ava petha en sothae Adi raakkammaa kothodu muthu tharavo.

Male : Dheivaana sakkalathi valli kurathi Namma kadhaiyila irukkudhadi Dheivaana sakkalathi valli kurathi Namma kadhaiyila irukkudhadi Singaara madhuraiyin vellaiyammaa Kadhai dhinam dhinam nadakkudhadi Ahaa singaara madhuraiyin vellaiyammaa Kadhai dhinam dhinam nadakkudhadi. Male : Adi thappaamal naan unnai sirai eduppen Onnu rendaaga irukkattumae En kannu en mookku en pallu En raajaayi kalyaana vaibogamae.

Male : Ada pipipi dumdumdum Pippipi dumdumdum Pippipi dumdum dumdum dum Ada pipipi pipipi dumdumdum Pippipi dumdum dumdum dum.

Adi Ennadi Rakkamma Song Lyrics

Home Movies Music Directors List. Lyrics Albums Artists. Soundararajan Music by : M. Other Songs from Pattikada Pattanama Album. Muthu Solai Song Lyrics. Nalvazhthu Naan Solluven Song Lyrics. Added by Nithya. Home Movies Partners.Against overwhelming odds, BET founder Robert Johnson blasted through social and economic barriers using his intelligence and charm, first establishing himself in the realm of Washington politics and.

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Kettukodi Urumi

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Adi ennadi rakkamma tamil song free download

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